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PayPal Here Sideloader API


ava_tim **Update:** Please check out our [updated documentation][1] for the PayPal Here Sideloader API!

As you might have seen on popular blogs like

TechCrunch we’ve recently launched a PayPal Here device for the UK which is capable of doing Chip & PIN. This allows merchants to accept Credit & Debit cards that can or may not be swiped. In our keynote Mobile Meets Retail at the Mobile World Congress our Director of Developer Network John Lunn and I’ve been introducing an awesome feature which is both supported for the US & UK / EMEA device: our Sideloader API. Basically this API allows developers to accept payments via cash, credit card, debit card, invoices and our checkin feature just by utilizing a very simple url scheme and our PayPal Here application for both Android and iOS.

How it works

Our application can be accessed by providing an encoded invoice & a callback URL which opens up your own application and returns transaction data.

acceped=cash,card,paypal // optional
&returnUrl=your app’s callback
&as=b64 // optional
&payerPhone=the payer’s phone number // optional
&invoice=your invoice as JSON (encoded)

The callback URL has to be setup like this:


Finally your invoice has to be declared in this JSON format:

merchantEmail: "yourmail@merchant.com",
itemList: {
item: [
name: "Name",
description: "An item",
quantity: "2.0",
unitPrice: "10.0",
taxName: "Tax",
taxRate: "8.5"
currencyCode: "USD",
paymentTerms: "DueOnReceipt",
discountPercent: "0.0"


To help you with your integration we’ve developed three very simple samples that show how the integration actually works. While the

Android & iOS samples use native code to interact with our application the third sample presents a way that enables every website to utilize PayPal Here to accept payments on the go.

Engage with us

We’d be happy to see your feedback. If you experience any issues: File an

issue at our GitHub project. Having a great idea that helps to improve the samples? Open a pull request! Looking forward to seeing your integrations!