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Excellent Opportunities for Node.js Engineers


As mentioned in a previous post, we have a number of openings for Web Application Engineers (Node.js/front-end engineers). So what kind of opportunities do we have? Well, here are a few:

Payments Acceptance Team

Location: San Jose

The Payments Acceptance team is seeking Node Web App engineers to make it easy for merchants to accept payments no matter where those interactions happen. This engineering team sits at the intersection of consumer, developer and business and will be building brand new experiences, smart lifecycle business rules, and deep service connections throughout the whole PayPal system. Their key goal is to drive growth for individual merchants.

Login Application Development Team

Location: San Jose

The Login application development team is looking for passionate full stack node application developers to reinvent the login experience for Paypal. Updating the login interface for Paypal Customers, utilizing the latest security and risk measures, all with a laser focus on performance and scaling. In this role you have the opportunity to explore innovative solutions to improve our performance, security and user experience.

Regional Solutions and Strategic Partnerships Team

Locations: San Jose, Austin, Singapore, Bangalore, Chennai, and Berlin

The Global Strategic Partnership team is focused on integrating PayPal into complex vertical markets, working closely with partners and business units across eBay, Inc. and across the world.

They are currently working aggressively to:

  • Leverage existing PayPal products in new ways
  • Partner with core product teams to drive and tune their roadmap to support our segment needs
  • “Run ahead” and develop new functionality that extends PayPal’s platform and services, while still delivering long-term solutions in-line with our strategy and target architectures.

Key segments for focus:

  • Global and super regional banks and financial entities
  • Social networking, messaging, and commerce platforms
  • Mobile carriers + key hardware partners
  • Large integrated software + hardware platforms
  • Global point of sale systems and services partners

PayPal Here and Mobile In-Store Point of Sale (POS) Team

Location: San Jose

As PayPal expands to retail markets, it is critical to enable merchants and partners’s success when using PayPal Here or Mobile In-Store POS as their payment methods.

One of our teams, PayPal Retail Engagement, is building applications and services that do just that, which is managing merchant’s lifecycle from onboarding, ordering devices, setup to inventory management, and reporting. They are using a variety of technologies including Node.js, Java and Objective-C (hybrid development).

Kraken.js Team

Location: San Jose, Austin, and Boston

We launched the Kraken.js open source project back in November. Since then a number of people have contributed and a number of companies are now using modules from it as part of their product stacks. How would you like to work on the Core Engineering team helping to drive Kraken forward? We are building out a suite of new modules (specialization, more internationalization, testing, security and other frameworks). If you have the chops, then come be a part of this team.

In addition, if you have a knack for evangelism, public speaking, writing awesome example code and interactive documentation, then we have a specific role for you leading our documentation/evangelism around Kraken.js

Internationalization Framework Team

Location: San Jose

Interested in making a difference in almost every country on the planet, allowing buyers and sellers around the world to have a natural and intuitive user experience, and establishing new standards for the rest to follow? All the while designing and developing in Node, JavaScript, and Java – then we have several roles for you in the internationalization team. Join a team of experts in this space and bring your Node.js skills to the table. The impact is worldwide.

Checkout Products Team

Location: San Jose

We have been entirely revamping our core checkout products which actually is what led the charge for piloting Node.js and LeanUX. A majority of all of PayPal’s revenues runs through this product. Talking about impact! Come be a part of the core of payment innovation.

Platform Engineering Team

Location: San Jose and Austin

Platform Engineering is responsible for the APIs and web services used by internal and external developers to enable payments anytime, anywhere and anyway. This Platform processes billions of requests each month, hundreds of billions of dollars of payment volume each year, and enables PayPal and its partners to rapidly innovate on new payment scenarios and enable new experiences.

This is a small, focused team that  has visibility into the breadth of PayPal as well as the payment applications (mobile, point of sale, web, TV, etc.) that are developed on top of it. There is also a second team that is also is building a world class developer portal that provides a great experience in finding services and APIs for both internal and external developers.

Come be a part of one of our platform engineering teams.

Funding Mix Team

Location: San Jose

This year will be an exciting year for the Paypal Funding Mix team. They are looking for full stack engineers to rethink the product. The interesting challenge is to create the best possible experience while tuning the revenue model. This product has one of the most significant impacts on the overall profitability for Paypal. This is an awesome opportunity to really understand Paypal products and influence the consumer payment experience while growing your Node.js skills at scale.


If you are interested, please contact us at nodejs@paypal.com.