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PayPal and OpenStack Summit 2013


The PayPal OpenStack Team has been hard at work driving implementation of OpenStack within PayPal.  We are now running nearly 20% of our production PayPal workloads through OpenStack and were at the 2013 Hong Kong OpenStack Summit to discuss our experiences with the build-out of the PayPal cloud implementation.

Starting with this entry, we will begin to cover our OpenStack implementation by providing technical white papers, blueprints, comments, etc.  Our goal is to contribute our knowledge back to the community and work together with everyone as a corporate leader supporting OpenStack.

We did six (6) sessions at the recently completed OpenStack Summit 2013 in Hong Kong.

Day 1:  Jonathan Pickard
PayPal’s Journey into the Cloud – Infrastructure Engineering Transformation

Day 1:  Scott Carlson
Marriage of OpenStack with KVM and ESX at PayPal

Day 1:  Yuriy Brodskiy
User Panel: How Did You Bring OpenStack Cloud to Your Company

Day 2:  Anand Palanisamy, Chinmay Naik
Lessons learned – Building the PayPal Cloud

Day 3:  Scott Carlson, Raj Geda, Zhitang Huang
HA OpenStack at PayPal   

Day 4:  Vinay Bannai
Neutron Hybrid Deployment and Performance Analysis

We love to share what we’ve done on OpenStack.   As we move forward, we will continue to promote projects like Aurora and code fixes back into the community through our open source channel located on https://github.com/paypal

Aurora is the first thing that we released back to the community. We took Netflix’s ‘Asgard’ Framework for AWS and ported it back to OpenStack, making the necessary changes for an enterprise like PayPal. It allows you to manage your cloud across multiple data centers and should work with most Folsom and Grizzly installations.

Please reach out to me on Twitter @relaxed137 with questions or to start a deeper conversation with the PayPal cloud team.