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Webhooks for Payouts


Today, we are delighted to launch the much awaited Webhooks support for Payouts. Payouts is a highly convenient mechanism for processing mass payments across multiple accounts in a single API call. With this feature, you can now initiate a payout transaction and receive notifications on your webhook URLs for Processing, Success and Denied scenarios.

Merchants and Developers can now subscribe and receive notifications for the following events

  1. Payment payoutsbatch processing
  2. Payment payoutsbatch success
  3. Payment payoutsbatch denied

Payouts Processing

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Introducing the Webhooks Dashboard


Today, we’re excited to announce the Webhooks Dashboard release, which is now available on PayPal Developer Portal. The dashboard comes with a rich feature set providing developers the necessary tools for easier integrations.

With this release, developers can now perform the following functions on the dashboard:

  1. Search Webhook events based on an application
  2. Resend a notification on a single click
  3. Access the payload on an event click
  4. Filter events based on a selected date range
  5. Robust pagination to simplify navigation across events

Search Webhook events based on an Application

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