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Vote for PayPal & Braintree at SXSW 2016


It’s that time of year again, when you vote on what sessions you want to see at the next iteration of SXSW in Austin. This year, we have a number of great talks that we would love your votes and comments on:

Modern-Day Evangelists: Spreading the Tech Gospel (Jonathan LeBlanc on panel)
Come join PayPal, Venmo, and Twilio as we dive into the important questions around developer advocacy, and how you can build a burgeoning developer community around your APIs and services.

This Strange Planet Earth: Payments are Cultural (Cristiano Betta speaking)
Cristiano takes us through a worldwide view of the culture of payments, as we explore how countries around the world handle commerce differently, and how we pay each other.

The Anatomy of Invisible Apps (Tim Messerschmidt speaking)
Learn about the anatomy of invisible applications, creating a strong hidden base for your app, while maintaining security, profitability and most important: a great UX.

The Magic of Tokenization: The key to Immersive UX (Joe Nash speaking)
Too frequently, the user experience of our apps shatters immersion for our users, and their attention is lost. This talk is all about a simple solution to maintaining immersion; tokenization.

Holographic Payments (Steven Cooper speaking)
Steve talks about how we can create an interactive holographic display for contextual interactive commerce, allowing users to experience new ways to checkout and interact with the digital space.

PayPal Here Symphony (Steven Cooper speaking)
Using Javascript, Steve creates live music using nothing but code and a Macbook air, creating a musical symphony the likes of which haven’t been seen since the onset of the technical age

Why Shopping Online is like getting a Tattoo (Justin Woo speaking)
Creating shopping experiences online can be as painful as getting a tattoo. It shouldn’t be this way right? Justin goes over the design patterns, techniques, and tools to make security and commerce a painless and easy experience.

The Retail Strikes Back (Jeff Prestes speaking)
In this talk, Jeff explores technologies that bring convenience and intelligence to your retail applications.

That’s it folks, we look forward to representing the payment and commerce industry in 2016, and seeing you all there!

Behold SXSW submission voting is upon us


Upon the hallowed grounds that is the Austin Convention Center there is but no event that stops the world of tech like South by South West. SXSW where the industry elite gather to converse, present and partake of all things Music, Film and Interactive in an assembly of ideas and thinking covering futuristic ideology.

SXSW founded in 1987 the conference is now in its Twenty Seventh year and has become one of the lighthouses for the technological world in years of late as the lines between online and offline have continued to blur particularly with the onset of Augmented Reality, Internet of Things and Wearables.

The PayPal Developer team closely follow all new and emerging technologies and as such has submitted a some proposed topics that we would love to present at the next conference.

But we need your help

To aid us in our quest to present these ideas of industry at SXSW 2015 we need you to vote up our topics…

For the Love of Pets and Technology!

Calling all Animal lovers! In this modern world, isn’t it cool that we can communicate, interact, observe and play with our pets in so many different ways using new technology?

Death to passwords – mobile security done right

User authentication in mobile applications is a very common and integral use case. Implementing regular passwords is an easy solution for developers but comes with several pitfalls that impair user experience like (re-)entering passwords, the need to create a new unique password or even just the input of personal data on a flaky keyboard while registering a new account.

Identity in the Future of Embeddables & Wearables

Stemming from the rapid prototyping maker movement, technology has taken a huge leap forward to begin true integrations with the human body. As the human body becomes a natural extension of technology itself, ways of identifying a person to the technology around them is shifting from antiquated external body definitions, to internal body functions.

IoT Hivebots

low powered IoT robotics is not a new concept and for most home or office configurations connecting multiple devices to a central controlling processor is not uncommon but when the central controller is incapacitated the result is passed on to the attached devices.

The DNA of FinTech APIs

APIs are changing the nature of businesses – telephony, computing, and credit card processing come to mind immediately. Financial services pose special risks and opportunities for API makers and consumers.

Future of Bitcoin Serving the Unbanked

Crypto currency, in particular Bitcoin, is transforming financial services. What does the future hold for the next couple of years? The number of bitcoin and virtual currency startups on Angel List has nearly doubled in the last six months to ~500.

Demystifying Payment Tech for Startups

Startups increasingly have more and more difficulties figuring out the best way to collect payments as they begin to monetize their businesses. The setup process is not very transparent, nor are the fees, risks and perisls of selecting the wrong mechanism for accepting payments.

Battle Hack Austin Day One


Austin is famous for their BBQ, music scene and hosting the SXSW conference each year, so it was natural for us to head south to hold the seventh in the Battle Hack hackathon series. Being in “Silicon Hills” was exciting — and great to connect with the tech community there.

Austin Battle Hack was unique because of the event’s location — we teamed up with TechShop Austin. TechShop has several locations around the country and provides access to tools, software and space to create all types of hardware hacks. Because of it’s unique service to the tech community, TechShop was able to provide demos on laser cutting and water jets. Attendees toggled from working on software hacks and playing with all that TechShop had to offer, including creating some great projects like this Raspberry Pi housing:


Want more details on Day One of Battle Hack Austin? Check out our Storify here.

Battle Hack Seattle: Opening Day


Battle Hack Seattle participants came in like lions in the early morning of Day 1, with over 20 arriving before the registration desk even opened at 9 am. Perhaps it was the excitement of making their ideas come to life, or the networking with the local Seattle dev community…or the cool Raspberry Pi units we provided to the first 50 attendees who came in and registered.

Hackers listen to Jon LeBlanc at Battle Hack Seattle

]3 Attendees listen to Jon LeBlanc walk through the event agenda at Battle Hack Seattle

By the time the event kicked off, it was standing room only at The Hub as Jon LeBlanc, Head of North American Developer Evangelism kicked off the event. Jon went through the agenda, walked n00b hackers on how to get their hack on and showed off the coveted Battle Hack ax, the trophy for first prize at the regional events. Technical overviews from partners such as Twilio’s Carter Rabasa, SendGrid’s Scott Motte, and Nokia’s Jan Hanneman . Initial hack idea videos were streamed to the crowd for team formation, after the initial capture during the registration flow. To provide idea founders a way to mass pitch the crowd, idea videos were collected prior to the pitch segment of Battlehack and played to the wider audience.  Go here to see idea videos for Battlehack Seattle. We’re looking forward to seeing ideas come together in the next 24 hours. Stay tuned! Wanna see a play by play? Check out our Twitter account, @PayPaldev.

PayPal at SXSW



Slurpees, Comic Stickers, SuperHero Slam and our epic party of 1000!

See how it all went down in the following video: