PayPal is Now Available Through WooCommerce 2.6 Onboarding Wizard


In case you missed it, WooCommerce’s newest major release, Zipping Zebra, lets you download and activate PayPal custom payment options by making PayPal Powered by Braintree (US only) and Express Checkout (global) available directly through the onboarding wizard.

You are still able to take credit card payments out-of-the-box through the PayPal Standard gateway that’s built into WooCommerce. But now it is easier to add PayPal Powered by Braintree (a custom payment option) directly in the onboarding wizard.


For existing customers, the PayPal gateway can also easily be added to a store from the WooCommerce Add-Ons screen. Customers who already use this or other gateways won’t see any changes.

In addition, WooCommerce 2.6 includes other improvements:

  • Shipping zones
  • Improved cart experience
  • New My Account area design
  • New options for filtering products
  • New payment tokenization
  • Alignment of their API with the WordPress REST API

Read more about the Zipping Zebra release.

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