Monthly Archives: July 2016

Stop by PayPal’s Booth in the Black Hat Career Zone to Talk Security and Learn about REAPER!


This year’s Black Hat conference is a big one for PayPal because it is the first time we are attending as a conference sponsor. In 2016 we’ve made a concerted effort to show up at a number of events to discuss security careers and hear about the experiences of you, our peers and colleagues.

I will be at the booth along with several other PayPal InfoSec professionals from various security disciplines on August 3rd and 4th. Along with various swag and security puzzles, we want to highlight some interesting academic research conducted this year by our Threat Intelligence team.

REAPER was presented at the Anti Phishing Working Group’s 2016 e-Crime Symposium last month. It’s a methodology for automating a solution for mass credential harvesting and OSINT collection. We will have copies of the paper and business card-sized flyers linking to the paper at the booth. For those not attending, we’ve linked to the full length paper here.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the research; feel free to drop us a line with your comments at or tweet us at @PayPalSecurity. Hope to see you at the conference!

Building the Next Step in Payment Tutorials with Stack Overflow Docs


At PayPal Developer, we are constantly looking at new ways to expand our outreach into the community to provide the solutions that developers need, where they choose to be. This is why we work within different external communities, such as Stack Overflow to help with technical integrations, and Github for much of our external developer code offerings and open source projects.

We’re happy to announce that we have partnered with Stack Overflow for the launch of a new project called Stack Overflow Documentation. The aim of the Stack Overflow documentation project is to build a community around the process of creating great documentation, not by simply copying our documentation to another place, but by working with the community to build the documentation, examples, and integrations that developers want and care about. We’ve started by adding some examples based off of common questions that we receive frequently.

Come take a look at the initial documentation and examples we have on Stack Overflow Docs and make suggestions for integrations that you want to see. We’re going to be working hard to help deliver the content that you want to see, and we would love for you to be a part of this with us by contributing examples and topics for things that you built out, by requesting new topics for us to write about, or by improving the samples that we already have up on the site if something just doesn’t make sense or should be revised.

We look forward to working with everyone in our community to build the examples that you all care about.