Dates Revised for Security-Related Changes


We’ve revised some of the dates originally published in the Security-Related Changes Required to Avoid Service Disruption post from earlier this year.

The dates have been revised in order to give merchants additional time to plan for any necessary changes and to give developers additional time to update their integrations.

The dates in the original post reflect the current deadlines. In summary, here are the date revisions:

  • The TLS1.2 Upgrade date moves to June 2017.
  • The HTTPS for IPN Postback date moves to June 2017.
  • The SHA-256 Upgrade dates: Merchants must be compliant by September 30, 2016 as we will begin our permanent upgrade of the remaining endpoints in October 2016. Take action by June 17, 2016 to verify if your system is SHA-256 compliant.
  • The SFTP Server move dates remain the same.
  • The API Authentication Credential Certificate dates remain the same.

Developers should continue to reference the 2017-2018 Merchant Security Roadmap microsite for all the latest details and up-to-date information regarding these security changes.

Adam Colson

Author: Adam Colson

About the author: Adam is a Product Manager at Braintree | PayPal, focusing on the PayPal developer experience since August 2015. When Adam isn’t helping to enable global e-commerce through APIs, he can also be found hacking away at the Internet of Things or tinkering in his garage.

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