We are hiring in the Payments team !


At PayPal, we are starting up a new team to build some cool mobile products in Payments. This initiative is aiming to provide an extremely integrated payment experience for our merchants and consumers alike and we’re looking for talented engineers to join the team. This is an exciting opportunity, because it’s both a new initiative and we’re experimenting with some cutting edge mobile technologies like react-native and node.js!

Why Paypal ?

We believe in hiring the best talent and investing in our people. And investing does not just mean remunerating them well (with competitive salaries/ unlimited vacation/ cool perks), but also setting up a fun challenging environment where you get to work with really smart folks.  It is a well known fact that we have not been scared to experiment with new technologies for our tech stack. Three years ago, we were one of the first large companies to mass adopt node.js as our application platform of choice. Today, we have multiple teams using node.js along with frameworks like React and Angular for their front tier which are processing billions of transactions. We‘ve also been able to bring about huge changes in how fast we deploy, monitor, and AB test our applications which is helping us create the perfect payment experience. If any of this sounds exciting, we’d love to chat!

What will you get to experience if you join the Payments team?

We believe in empowering our engineers to challenge and propose new solutions and product ideas since it brings a fresh new angle to viewing the competitive payments space.  You will get to work on some fun challenging problems and be a part of the team that takes a product live which will have a huge impact in the field of mobile payments. Along the way, you will also get to play with/learn some new popular technologies. 

What are we looking for ?

  • Mid-Senior mobile engineers (iOS/Android)
  • In-depth experience developing on node.js
  • Flair for learning/working on new technologies like react-native
  • Demonstrated ability in delivering/supporting products on Live
  • Willingness to work collaboratively in a highly cross functional team 
  • Ability to ‘Keep calm and code’ in a fast-paced environment 🙂

Would you like to be a part of this exciting journey ? Please reach out to DL-PayPal-NodeJS-Jobs referring this blog post in your email.

Poornima Venkatakrishnan

Poornima is a web/mobile developer at heart and loves playing with new technologies, solving difficult problems and working on game changing projects. When not coding, she is a trained indian classical dancer and, most importantly, a proud mom of a toddler.