Webhooks for Payouts


Today, we are delighted to launch the much awaited Webhooks support for Payouts. Payouts is a highly convenient mechanism for processing mass payments across multiple accounts in a single API call. With this feature, you can now initiate a payout transaction and receive notifications on your webhook URLs for Processing, Success and Denied scenarios.

Merchants and Developers can now subscribe and receive notifications for the following events

  1. Payment payoutsbatch processing
  2. Payment payoutsbatch success
  3. Payment payoutsbatch denied

Payouts Processing

After a Payouts transaction is successfully initiated and batch processing is in progress, developer can choose to receive a notification by subscribing to the “Payment payoutsbatch processing” Webhook event. This notification is sent notifying the merchant that Payouts are in process.

Payouts Success

Upon subscribing to the “Payment payoutsbatch success” Webhook event, merchants will start receiving notifications whenever a Payouts batch is successfully processed. Note that some of the batch items may not have been completely processed when unclaimed or held for a reason.

Payouts Denied

When subscribed to the “Payment payoutsbatch denied” Webhook event , developer will start receiving notifications when a Payouts batch has been denied. Note that if a Payouts batch is denied, no batch items will be processed.

“Add a Webhook” and subscribe to these events for notifications on the Developer Portal and on the Webhooks Simulator for a quick simulation and share your thoughts.

Check out the Payouts API Documentation for more comprehensive information on the Payouts API.

Sarat Sista

Author: Sarat Sista

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