PayPal’s Brad Wardman Named General Chair of the Anti-Phishing Working Group’s Symposium on Electronic Crime Research


The PayPal Information Security team is proud to announce that Brad Wardman has been named the General Chair for the Anti-Phishing Working Group’s (APWG) annual Symposium on Electronic Crime (eCrime) Research. Brad is a data scientist within the security intelligence group where he actively researches and develops mitigation strategies for attacks against PayPal’s customers and infrastructure. Before joining PayPal, Brad completed his Ph.D. at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. His research interests include anti-phishing, open source intelligence strategies, automated attack neutralization, and crimeware.

The 2016 symposium will be held June 1st-3rd in Toronto, Canada and has had in interesting update to the submission review process. After eleven years, the symposium board has decided to divide the review of submitted research papers into two tracks covering industrial and academic research. The second industry track with a separate committee was created in order to entice industry professionals to share and publish impactful research with other organizations and be reviewed by industry peers who can validate that the content is worthy of publishing. Brad was quoted in a September 8, 2015 Business Wire article as stating that “The APWG eCrime conference has been an established, pioneering conference for publishing research into eCrime for more than a decade; however, research is mostly from or in conjunction with the academic community. It is difficult being a researcher in industry trying to publish as you may not be able to dedicate the amount of rigorous checks and balances that committee members have to come to expect for an academic publication. This conference is a perfect place to provide that opportunity as it was designed to unite academia with industry.”

The symposium is an excellent opportunity to learn more about eCrime and with the newly divided submission evaluation tracks submit a paper for review! The call for research papers recently opened; submissions are due by January30, 2016. PayPal employees with an interest and in-depth knowledge in the topics outlined are encouraged to submit. There are no restrictions or conflicts of interest despite Brad’s position. We will keep you informed about key announcements and additions to the eCrime 2016 lineup as well as a recap after the conference concludes.