Certificate Update for http://developer.paypal.com


We love our PayPal Developer fans and everyone who visits https://developer.paypal.com ! Yes, including YOU!

As part of our constant effort to upgrade and maintain our security On August 25th, 2014 we will update our SSL cert for https://developer.paypal.com

As a result we will require the below minimum Operating Systems and Browser versions.

Minimum Operating Systems Supported

    Apple OS X          10.5+   
    Apple iOS           3.0+            
    Android 2.3+        2.3+
    Blackberry          5.0+        
    ChromeOS            ✓   
    Windows             XP SP3+ 
    Windows Phone       7+  
    Windows Server      2003 SP2 +Hotfixes (Partial)    

Minimum Browsers Supported

    Chrome              26+  
    Firefox             1.5+     
    Internet Explorer   6+ (With XP SP3+)    
    Konqueror           3.5.6+   
    Mozilla             1.4+     
    Netscape            7.1+     
    Opera               9.0+     
    Safari              3+ (Ships with OS X 10.5)    

More information on supported Browsers and Operating Systems can be found here and here.

To test whether your current Operating System and Browser are supported you can try this page.

Thank you and as always we look forward to any questions or comments you may have.

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