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I’m happy to announce that another great capability was just added to our REST API yesterday: Invoicing. This enables sending and managing invoices through the API and makes a great addition for merchants and even freelancers.

As you might remember there has been a NVP- and SOAP-based Invoicing API at PayPal for a long time already. To make the usage of this API even easier, we’ve made it consistent with our new APIs: A true REST-scheme, OAuth 2.0 Bearer tokens for authentication and an easy to read JSON format.

An invoice differs to a regular PayPal payment in the following way: Instead of defining a payment method a receiver (email) is defined and passed in the billing info. After creating the invoice you can send it to the receiver by passing its ID to the endpoint for sending invoices: /v1/invoicing/invoices/{invoiceId}/send.

Once the invoice arrived the receiver is able to pay with PayPal, a check, debit card, or credit card.

As you can see the usage of the Invoice API is very similar to the Payments API and should enable you to start right away! We’re always looking for feedback regarding this capability to make even more improvements in the future.

8 thoughts on “REST Invoicing API

  1. tasi

    Hi Tim,
    this function is useful to me, but can invoice be sent to mobile? Because I would like people create orders in my website and pay with mobile.

  2. Michael Bopp

    Tim, This looks great, so much better than the NVP / SOAP method. However I’m not sure how to send invoices on BEHALF of another user (as was possible in the Classic API).

    Do you know if this is supported with the new REST API. If not, do you have an idea of when it might get support?

    Thanks so much

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