PayPal Cordova Plugin released


With the release of our PayPal Mobile SDK v2 we’ve also published a plugin for Cordova / PhoneGap to make the integration of PayPal in cross-platform projects as easy and intuitive as possible. As you might remember we’ve had a plugin for PhoneGap before which is going to be deprecated in favour of the new SDK. Version 3 adds lots of great functionality like package manager that helps making the life of JavaScript developers easier.

Getting started

To setup the project and install the required dependencies please follow the steps outlined here. The plugin adds 2 files that need to be used in your project cdv-plugin-paypal-mobile-sdk.js and paypal-mobile-js-helper.js.

cdv-plugin-paypal-mobile-sdk.js is a wrapper around the SDK and provides access to the PayPalMobile object. By adding paypal-mobile-js-helper.js you get access to PayPalPayment, PayPalPaymentDetails and PayPalConfiguration which is needed for the client’s configuration.

A basic example implementation can be found here. The example showcases both the usage of simple PayPal payments and our newly added Future Payments which authorize multiple payments.


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