Node.js Application Engineers Wanted!


PayPal made the decision last year to write all of our new applications on our node.js Kraken stack. Since we are also redesigning almost all of our experiences this means there are lots of opportunities for Node developers (or aspiring Node developers).

Web Application Engineering

When I joined PayPal I formed the User Interface Engineering (UIE) team and about a year into the job I centralized this organization. This allowed me to strengthen the discipline and simplify our technology stack. By enabling applications to be built in node.js on the server side and DustJS on the front-end we basically made JavaScript our lingua franca for application development. And in fact, we are removing the label “UIE” and instead forming application engineering teams that can work on the complete application built on top of our new PayPal as a Service RESTful Platform. Application Engineering teams can quickly iterate on our experiences and realize our vision to “Bring Design to Life”.

If you are the kind of engineer who is passionate about bringing great experiences to life, being a craftsman in engineering and love working in a collaborative environment with your product & design partners, then we want to talk to you.

Why Work at PayPal?

I have said elsewhere that the key to developer happiness is what you work on, who you work with and how you will do your work.

What can you work on?

At PayPal we have 143 million active accounts in 193 markets and 26 currencies around the world and we process more than 9 million payments every day.

Businesses are built upon and rely upon our services. Consumers find convenience in paying online & offline. And developers are finding it easier and easier to bring really cool payments solutions to consumers wherever they are. This means we have opportunities in business, consumer, payment and developer products.

This is impact at scale!

And in addition, PayPal is totally committed to open source. We use open source, release open source, and we work in an open source manner (we use Github internally). Our committment to open source recently got a lot bigger when we hired the Open Source “Diva”, Danese Cooper to head up Open Source at PayPal.

Your impact can be to the broader community as well. Now that is cool.

Specifically, if you join one of our Application Engineering teams you will able to work on any part of the application stack, from node.js on the server up to backbone.js on the client. We are part of the DustJS consortium with folks from LinkedIn, Yahoo!, Netflix, and other companies. And guess what? We aren’t married to any of these specific solutions and continue to evaluate the best approach to our solutions. Come help us figure it out!

We also have roles in our core Node team. If you are a Node afficiado then you will want to definitely talk with us as we have some exciting opportunities on the Kraken team.

Who can you work with?

We have been fortunate to assemble an awesome team of leading engineers that come from many of the top companies in the valley (and beyond). Take our work on KrakenJS, Bootstrap Accessibility Plugin, PayPal Beacon or our new secure one-swipe fingerprint payment system for the Samsung Galaxy S5 as examples of the engineering craftsmanship at PayPal.

Or look at the awesome companies that have joined the eBay/PayPal family. Companies like Milo,, Hunch, Braintree/Venmo, StackMob and to name just a few.

What this means is you will be working with smart people who will challenge you everyday.

How will you work?

We have made a major shift to Agile in the last year and now operate at a much nimbler manner. We practice Customer Driven Innovation at the customer ideation phase, Lean UX with our design partners and agile to roll our features.

Frankly, it is no secret that in the past PayPal had a lot of legacy technology and processes. We have been obliterating them the last few years and now have begun to operate in a manner that lets us roll out changes in real time in some of our teams and the rest will be operating like this in the near future. We belive in the vision of developers owning the code from creation to testing to deployment. Ultimate power in your hands.

We are constantly figuring out better ways to work and would love you to join our teams to help us make PayPal the best place to work in the valley.

Ok, so here is the scoop on being an Application Engineer at PayPal.


  • Write web application code following best practices of accessibility, internationalization, TDD.
  • Partner closely with design & product to craft great product experiences.
  • Deliver code in a dev ops environment.
  • Be a crafts(wo)man and encourage code craftsmanship across team.
  • Deliver code in an agile team environment.
  • Lead code reviews to drive teams to the highest standards for node.js apps & web apps.
  • Provide architectural leadership in product development team.
  • Drive teams to follow clean code principles.
  • Drive innovation through rapid prototyping and iterative development.


  • Experience developing node.js applications or a solid experience building applications on top of RESTful APIs
  • Solid knowledge of common client JavaScript technologies
  • Experience with JavaScript templating systems (Mustache, Handlebars, Dust, etc)
  • Comfortable with modern JavaScript architectures
  • You know the “good parts” of JavaScript
  • Solid knowledge of algorithms, design patterns, and componentization approaches
  • Experience with cross-browser, cross-platform, and design constraints on the web
  • Experience in software design patterns, problem solving and troubleshooting skills
  • Passion for engineering great experiences
  • Proven problem-solving and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Ability to operate effectively both independently as well and within a team.

Contact Us

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Bill Scott

Bill Scott is the Sr. Director of UI Engineering at PayPal.

In a past life he co-created one of the first successful Macintosh games (GATO, 1985), built & designed wargaming interfaces for NATO, led user experience teams (Sabre, Meebo), co-wrote one of the first Ajax/JavaScript frameworks (OpenRico), managed user interface engineering organizations (Netflix, PayPal), published a design pattern library (Yahoo!), co-author of the O'Reilly book Designing Web Interfaces, and a frequent speaker at conferences & workshops worldwide.