Battle Hack Austin Day One


Austin is famous for their BBQ, music scene and hosting the SXSW conference each year, so it was natural for us to head south to hold the seventh in the Battle Hack hackathon series. Being in “Silicon Hills” was exciting — and great to connect with the tech community there.

Austin Battle Hack was unique because of the event’s location — we teamed up with TechShop Austin. TechShop has several locations around the country and provides access to tools, software and space to create all types of hardware hacks. Because of it’s unique service to the tech community, TechShop was able to provide demos on laser cutting and water jets. Attendees toggled from working on software hacks and playing with all that TechShop had to offer, including creating some great projects like this Raspberry Pi housing:


Want more details on Day One of Battle Hack Austin? Check out our Storify here.

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